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Latest news

04th August 2022: Happy 8th Birthday to my lovely Barbossa!


08th May 2019: Barbossa was heart-checked by Dr. Kresken - he is DCM-free at the moment!


09th September 2018: IDC in Kamenny Mlyn/Slovakia - Barbossa gets Exc.4 in honour class, judges A. Tits, H. Wiblishauser, R. Killmaier, G. Ridarcikova


12th August 2018: World Dog Show Amsterdam - Barbossa gets Exc. 3 in working class, judge Hudono/IND


22nd April 2018: Barbossa was heart-checked by Dr. Kresken - ECG, ultrasound, doppler and 24-h-holter, he is DCM-free!


22nd December 2017: Merry Christmas to all our friends!


3rd November 2017: Finally the Champion certificates arrived from FCI - Barbossa is now International Show Champion (C.I.E.) and International Beauty Champion (C.I.B.)!




Alminoris Barbossa

Welcome to the homepage of my dobermann male

Alminoris Barbossa

(Pride of Russia Saphron x Imperatrice Elite House)

4th August 2014 - 23rd June 2023


HD-A, vWD-free, Dilute-free

eyes free, heart-checked by Dr. Kresken in May 2016

by ECG, doppler and ultrasound - DCM-free

heart-checked by Dr. Kresken in April 2018 by ECG, doppler, ultrasound and 24-h-holter - DCM-free

 heart-checked by Dr. Kresken in May 2019 by ECG, doppler and ultrasound - DCM-free 

International Champion (C.I.E.)

International Champion (C.I.B.)

Champion of Germany (VDH)

Champion of Croatia

 Champion of Montenegro

 Champion of the Balkans

 Champion of the Adriatic

 Champion of the Mediterranean

Neunkirchen Sieger 2017

Saarland Sieger 2016
Youth Champion of Belgium
Youth Champion of the Netherlands
Youth Champion of Germany (VDH)
Amsterdam Winner Baby 2014


IDC 2018 Kamenny Mlyn/Slovakia, Exc.4 in honour class, judge Anna Tits/RUS


IDC 2017 in Hungary: Exc. in a strong Champion class, judge


H. Wiblishauser

IDC 2016 Cavalese/Italy: Exc. in a strong working class, judge

H. Wiblishauser

World Dog Show Amsterdam 2018: Exc. 3 in working class, judge A. Hudono/IND


Candidate for the Champion of the Netherlands and France.